Only submissive sex


submissive slut


My master likes to make sure that I follow all the rules. When he brings over his side piece he likes to make them dominate me and use me up like I am a fucking toy. The one thing I just like more than anything is being abused by a woman. Men on the other hand I have gotten so used to being manhandled and fucked over time and time again.  I sure do love being a submissive slut.  There’s no particular reason why it’s become such a big part of my life I guess it has to do with who I’ve surrounded myself with all this time. Now I just can’t find another way to get off than being abused by someone. When my master brings over his wife she fucks the shit out of me with the strap-on and makes sure that I know my place as a pathetic slut. The moans that come out of my mouth aren’t from pleasure in fact they are from pain. My master loves when I’m in pain because it gets him off every single time. I have to realize that this is what my destiny is all about and I have no other choice but to enjoy and endure all the pain that comes my way.

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