Bondage and submissionWhen I woke up, I was face down, tied up and still wearing my pantyhose. I don’t know what made you kidnap me today in my work parking garage. I felt some sense of relief that my pantyhose were still on because only then did I feel safe from being force fucked. That was, until I hear you come in and you wouldn’t take your hands off of me. Then I heard a loud rip and my pantyhose were completely ruined at the top. The legs stayed on secure, but the whole pussy and ass portion was wide open and exposed. I suddenly felt very very scared. You ran your hands up and down slowly at first, building up my anticipation. Then without warning, when I was least expecting it you buried your hard throbbing cock in my asshole. You pounded and force fucked my tight little whole while I tried to scream, nearly suffocating myself with the duct tape. When you finally were done using me, you pulled out and came all over my pantyhose. The next morning, you dressed me, and put me back out in front of my work. My pantyhose nearly glued to my legs from your cum. You told me to work all day like that, or you’d come back for more…

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