You do what the fuck I say do or else


Erotic submissive stories

Andrew came to my house drunk, banging at my door. I didn’t want to let him in because every time I do he does vile things to me. He begged me from outside of my door promising that it would be different and that he wouldn’t behave the same as other times before. I had my ear to the door, I was emotional I know I shouldn’t have let him in, but I couldn’t help myself I was weak. As soon as I let Andrew in, he grabbed the back of my head pulling my hair and started shoving his tongue down my throat passionately. At least he wasn’t slapping me around, so I felt weirdly safe. Right at the moment when I let my guards down, he asked me slurring why didn’t you let me in? I didn’t know what to say to Andrew I was terrified that anything could tick him off I make him start losing his temper. I didn’t give an excuse I only apologize profusely because I knew that excuses would just get me hurt. Andrew’s grip of passion turned into a grip of possession he led me into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I cried and begged him not to get so upset he grabbed my throat and told me that I was a fucking slut whore. I reminded Andrew that he promised not to hit me which only made him grab me forcefully and start going wild. He told me he had seen me with another man he let me know that he owned my cunt and that he couldn’t stand the sight of another man Even being in my presence let alone touching me the way that heat scene The Stranger he didn’t know touching me. I tried to tell him Andrew that was just my friend I wanted to explain I had nothing to do with him sexually and that we had just gone to school together. Only then he became ferociously angry I saw his eyes huge cock getting harder and harder. He called me a lying bitch and forced my legs open I didn’t fight much because I knew it came with repercussions. I was turned on by the whole ordeal because he wasn’t beating me he was only about to fuck me unconscious. Andrew started pounding my pussy fucking me like there was no tomorrow. My body began to cum over and over it felt like complete passion for being taken over and treated like a fuck toy for my mad crazy boyfriend. Andrew made a night that could have been horrible for me not so bad because we made rough love. I know you want to hear more about how forceful Andrew was with me and I would love to tell you so, call me.

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