Piss and Cage Play

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Master Decided I was a bad whore. He said it was time for the cage. I begged and begged no! But I was bound and unable to move at all in the cage. He said I was supposed to be obedient and not beg him. But I know my begging is what he loves. Please please as he unbuttoned his fly. I knew that he was going to piss on me. He said open your whore mouth! I did as I was told and gurgled and swallowed is huge piss load. I am a good whore and I love being at his command. I tried to wiggle free when he left me all alone in a dark room. I heard footsteps and was met with the warm wet stream of piss again. All night I sat in piss in my cage. I cried and whimpered when he let me out in the morning. He said get cleaned up and I will gift you a hefty load of spunk for your breakfast whore! All I would eat that day would be his cum. I live for being his whore.

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