Pissed on and Fucked by Master and his Friends

Pissing phone sex


Use me as your little piss guzzling whore. I am a worthless little piss slut who needs to take the piss of you and all of your friends. I am a human toilet and my only person is to get pissed on and pissed in. My hands and feet were tied up with rope. One of your friends told me to beg for his piss. I begged and begged for it on my hands and knees until he pissed in my face to give me my reward. Another friend stuck his cock in my mouth so that I could give him a blowjob and he can see if he pisses in me or cums in me first. He pisses in my mouth, telling me to keep the piss in my mouth until he says so. It was so hard to keep the piss in my mouth while I was getting fucked doggy style by my Master and the rest of his friends. Finally, everyone pisses all over my body. My hair and my skin are completely soaked in piss. I am the ultimate piss slave for my Master. 

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