Please punish me, Sir?

Submissive whore Jessica Sometimes a submissive whore just has to break the rules, just to get that yummy extra bit of punishment! Master was leaving, and said he’d be back in two hours, leaving me a short little list of things to do in his absence. He’s been so on edge lately, I just knew punishing me severely would perk him up! So, naturally, I didn’t make his bed. That always got him pissed off.

Sure enough when he came home, I greeted him on my knees, head bowed, and naked just as I’m always supposed to do, and when he asked if I had completed my chores, I told him no, I had not made his bed.

I heard that low growl from deep down in his chest rumble, radiating right out to the core of me, making my cunt run with juices. Here it comes.

He spanked me over, and over again, and had me crawl back to my bed by his own. Assuming my position of on my knees, hands between my feet, he clamped the spreader stockade clamp on me, locking it in place.

My heart and my pussy throbbed as I waited to see what was next. I nearly screamed when I felt him spit on my little asshole, then the cold of something metal and blunt pressing against me. All at once I was painfully, deliciously filled with something huge. I think it was his small tire bat. Oh but it didn’t feel so small!

After adding a few hard spankings to my throbbing pussy, he leaned over to my ear, and said, “OK pet, now you get to stay here until I return, and I’ll see what to do with you next, you bad, bad little girl!”

I could hear in his voice he was more himself, and I smiled into the sheet.

Want to hear what happened next?

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