Proper Public Subby Wear

Submissive Whore

I am a little bit nervous.  I have made contact with a Dom and He wanted to meet in real time.  We have spoken online a lot at a Fetish site and it is time to move onto a real time meet.  He told me to wear what ever I wanted because this will just be to see if we get along well enough to move onto a real time arrangement.  However, I am so nervous.  What if him asking me choose my own clothing is a test?  How do I choose. 

Maybe I shouldn’t be worried, but something is telling me to choose wisely.  I asked him last night what sort of things does he like for a woman to wear.  I could hear the smile in his voice when he said, “Surprise me.”  This is very important to me so I do not want to mess it up.  I need help in choosing.

What type of things do you like to see your subs in when you meet in public?  Is there something specific that all subs wear that they should never be without when out with a Dominant?  I googled some things but cannot find anything.  I was thinking of wearing some sexy lingerie under a very sexy, yet appropriate dress as the place we are going to meet is rather upscale and I do not want to embarrass him in any way.

If I wore something like stockings, and sexy lingerie would you find that appealing, or would that not be what you would be expecting for a first meet?  Please help!

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