Tied up and spanked

Spanking phone sex


There’s no sexier punishment than a good spanking. My Master gives me a good bare bottom spanking daily. He likes to tie me up and ball gag me before setting my ass on fire with his spanking. When he’s done, my poor bottom is completely covered in angry red handprints and welts. Sometimes if I’m really bad, he uses his paddle on me. It’s made of smooth polished wood, and on one side it has multiple rows of pointed metal studs. He has to gag me when he uses his paddle on me because he doesn’t want the neighbors to hear my screams. After I’ve been tied up and spanked, I’m ready for a good fucking. My pussy is always so wet after being spanked that he can just slide right inside of me. He fucks me while I’m still bound in ropes and covered in marks from the spanking. Sometimes I’m so sore afterwards, but that doesn’t stop him from giving me a hard pounding with his big cock.

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