Prostate Milking is a Process

Prostate milking


The loudest screaming orgasms I’ve ever heard are from the guys who come to me for some prostate milking.  They scream and shout as their bodies shake and shudder, pricks pumping out shimmering pools of pearly pecker goo the whole time.  It can get pretty crazy and really messy, especially when my entire fist is buried wrist deep in their rectum.  If you like the look, feel and taste of cum as much as I do, you’ll agree that it’s completely worth the extra effort.

Proper milking is a process.  You don’t want to just jam your fingers into a guy’s butthole, find his rubbery little cum nugget and stab at it with your manicured claws.  The session will be over before it can even get started.  You have to start by edging him out, teasing his tallywacker and gently nudging his nutsack a bit, first.  Massage his undercarriage and play with his prostate from the outside, get it all juiced up and ready to start leaking out a little love lotion.  You’ll know when it’s time to start making your way into his shitbox by how much precum is drooling out of his dong.  Once you have a steadily flowing stream of slime coming out of that cock head, you can venture on around to the back.

Doing two things will prevent any unwanted anal blowouts when you’re fisting someone: sequential stretching and lots of lube!  I make sure the cornhole is coated and filled with lubricant before I start with my one finger warm-up.  It doesn’t take too long for a sphincter to get used to a single digit and, before I know it, I have three of the five fingers on one of my hands inside his anus and gently tickling his semen maker.  Three soon turns into four then I add in the thumb, holding the tips of all five together to make a cone shape with my fingers.  That’s the most important stretching moment, once I pop my knuckles past their turd cutter, the rest is a snap.

Imagine wearing a hot and mushy, super juicy oven mitt that weighs 200 pounds on your hand.  That’s what it feels like when you’re wrist deep in an ass.  Slight jabs and gently moving your fingers generates some crazy gyrations and hip grinding from your guy, every time.  Stroke his schlong in rhythm with the thrusting of your fist and you’ll get so much jizz out of your extreme fetish phone sex freak that you won’t know what to do with it.  I suggest sucking it all up and using it to play with your pussy, but that’s just what I like to do with it.


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