Pump Dump Doll

bondage chat

Oh, the master came over with a bevy of his friends to pump my holes and use me up and spit on me. They were all uber mean. They made sure to hurt my feelings and make me cry. Hearing that I was fuck up rang true to me. My parents always made sure I knew I was, especially daddy. I’m such a disgrace to my family, and my master let his friends know how my mind worked. They all had the secrets to disarm me mentally and become their rag doll.

I had each guy ram me and use me like the pump dump doll. It became evident it wasn’t only bondage chat. They meant business. They weren’t going to let me go on and forget about the fucking I would endure. Everyone had a way of using me up and disintegrating my well-being.

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    • Mickey on May 27, 2022 at 2:27 pm
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    Perfect pump doll to use and fill with hot jizz.

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