Punished For Losing

Bondage whoreI could not believe I had lost to a much younger, less experienced slut! My master was so confident in my cock sucking abilities, he pitted me against a friends submissive whore in a deep throat competition. As the circles of masters watched on with their cocks out, we made our way around the circle deep throating each and every one. There were twelve in all. Both of us had each taken their cocks completely down our throats. We were tied fr best cock sucker. The masters announced a tie breaker. From the other room, the hosts butler entered and opened his pants. He pulled out a huge cock, like I had never seen before. Surely neither of us could take that monster all the way down. As long as I could take him deeper than the younger slut, I would win. I struggled to take as much of that monster down my throat as possible. I gagged and choked, tears running down my face, yet I pushed on, until my mouth and throat was as full as possible. Still over an inch of this horse sized cock remained unswallowed. My competitor approached. She struggled much as I had. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she struggled to choke down his massive organ. I stated in disbelief as she managed to take the whole thing. All the masters praised her abilities. It hurt to see my master praise her. I had let him down.

Of course, I must be punished for embarrassing my master. That is how I have come to find myself in my current situation. I was bound at the ankles and wrists in the center of the room, with a mask over my face. My ass is high in the air. All 12 master will approach and assist my master in my discipline. I feel flogs, canes, and other weapons striking me. I know that I deserve each and every lick that I get. The pain is horrid. I am humiliated. Yet, for some reason, I can feel my pussy juices begin to leak a little more with each strike. I only hope that once my beating is complete, my master will show me mercy and use something to relieve this ache inside me.

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