Rag doll

light bondage

Well, you can say that my luck has been against me lately. I seem to run into guys who love to use and abuse Me. Maybe I’m more transparent than what I thought. I think the more power I gave to my master the more it shows that I’m a little submissive bitch. When I started to go on a popular app, I never imagined I would find my match to be super dominant and not into light bondage at all. It began like any other date it seemed very natural and very kosher. As soon as I invited him over after a lovely time he changed. It was day and night change his mannerisms and the way he acted everything was different. He became aggressive and wanted to show me that my place was to be on my knees worshipping him. I was just so turned on and didn’t realize and process what was going on. It’s like he made me do whatever he said. He mind-controlled me till the very end and used me and whipping me and tying me up and torturing me, He threw me away like a rag doll and never reached out again.

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