Raising the Stakes

submissive whore

Master was having a poker game with one of his long time friends who was also a domme who’s always wanted to dom me, but master would never let him.  The game had been heated all night long and master was running out of things to bet and was losing the game, and was also getting clearly frustrated.  Master thought he had a good hand and could beat him with a pair of kings, and he was feeling cocky so he reaches up my under my skirt pulls my panties down and sets them on the table on top of the chips… And nodded his head to me, making his intentions clear that now I was up for grabs. Then the last card dealt was an ace. Master’s opponent smiles and lays his cards down and reveals two aces. Trip aces beats a pair of kings. Master was clearly shocked and angry but he looked at me and said: “you’re his for tonight be a good girl.”.   I nodded and followed my new master for the night into the next room. He told me how bad he’s wanted this for so long and that he was going to leave a memento for master. He fucked my tight asshole, I gagged on his massive cock. He spanked me until I couldn’t walk, choked me while he fucked me, and when he finally was ready to cum he shoved his cock in my pussy and filled it with a massive load of cum. He instructed me to put my panties on and to go back to my master and tell master that he left a special gift for him somewhere on me…

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