raw pain

light bondage

I was first introduced into the bondage world; it was light bondage, then brutal bondage. My poor tits barely have any feeling or sensation. My master would strike me for the smallest issues. It was beyond exciting to get him worked up and ready to bust. All I had to do was suck his cock till he shivered, and then he would flip out and start torturing me and beating me. I can’t for the life of me explain why it got me so wet, but it did, and it made me leak and soak up my tiny panties. Whatever I want, I won’t get, so if I really were craving my pussy to get fucked, my ass would be the one that would get to get fucked. it was no doubt that I kept getting most of the pain, virtually none of the pleasure, but if I’m honest, it will make my pussy squirt to see my master satisfied above all else

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