Used At The Kink Club

Bondage And Submission

It was a slow weekend so I packed up my overnight bag and took the time getting dressed. I went to the local BDSM Club called Scizor. It’s an exlite access only joint but I know how to sneak myself in. The bouncer has a soft spot for milfy Mommy subs, and that’s exactly where I fall. I just slip him some special pictures, and he lets me right in.

Once I was inside, I got a green bracelet that signified I was ready to play. My pussy was dripping as the smells of cigars, booze, raw sex, leather, and lace all mixed together. Up on the stage a Domme was gathering a volunteer. Suddenly, she pointed at me! The spotlight lit me up and the heat of the entire club’s gaze fell on me. I was shocked, but scurried up to the stage where she stripped me down, and spread me wide for the men to see.

That’s when I realized I’d been tricked by the bouncer! Men rushed forward, all eager to line up and use my sweet, milfy body. I had my holes filled almost instantly with the seductive voice of the Domme hypnotic in my ear.


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