Ready To Have Your Prostate Milked?

prostate milking

If you came online with the hope that you’d find a woman who wanted to talk to you about prostate milking, then I’m the perfect slut for the job. It always thrills me when men come to me and tell me that they are ready to have their prostate milked. Some men just can’t get over the idea of having something in their asshole, but that’s okay. Those of you who are open minded will reap the rewards of being able to relax and let a woman like me work her magic on you.

Honestly, that’s really all you need to do – relax. Just get comfortable, spread your legs, and let me do my thing. If you’ve never had a finger in your ass before, it might feel weird at first and that’s okay. You’ll forget about any discomfort when I make it to the promised land. When I start massaging your prostate and you have those intense feelings start washing over you, it’ll absolutely be worth it. I promise you that when you indulge in my professional milking techniques, you are setting yourself up to have one of the most amazing orgasms of your life. You might even get addicted to those deep milking orgasms.


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