Respect My Subspace

Bondage and submission

You have to be really careful with bondage and submission, not just for your body, but for your mind as well.  You can get hurt really badly by a dom who doesn’t give a shit about you.  If they aren’t careful, your momentary master can give you scars that last a lifetime.  Not just physical but mental scars, too.

I’m usually pretty good at vetting the cocky pricks who want to subjugate me.  Not only do I need to figure out what type of abuse they plan on putting me through, but I gotta get a sense of their respect for my sacred subspace.  They can go pretty far with my body, I can take a lot of physical punishment.  I love it, makes sex feel visceral and real.  I haven’t been put through a single second of submission that I haven’t been able to take, as long as I have access to my subspace.

I have places I can take myself to in my mind that makes being tied up and contorted into crazy positions a cake walk.  I can take a hardcore pussy pounding or butt banging while I’m wrapped up in ropes or chained to a table with no problem at all if I’m allowed to drift off to the distant recesses of my mind.  I’ll be a sex slave for hours while I dwell in my mental daisy lane.  They have to let me go there, though.

If there’s no break in the abusive action and I’m forced to constantly interact and do whatever the dumbass dom wants me to do every single second of our submissive sex session, I won’t be happy and I won’t be allowing them near me ever again.  Relationships are about respect, S&M interactions are no different.  When you dominate me, you can pretty much do what you want to do, as long as you let me do what I need to do.


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