Roles Reversed

My pussy won’t stop getting wet with thinking about what I did to you. I loved how I was able to strip you naked and tie you to the bed. I wanted you so badly but you needed to see, you needed to feel just like I do. I wanted you to feel the sensations you make me feel. I made you watch me strip down naked. I rubbed my pussy a little bit so you could see just how wet I was from seeing laying there all helpless like that. I crawled on your face and started riding it. I was smothering you with my pussy and there was nothing you could do about it. I rode your tongue letting it fuck me, making me cum all over your face and mouth. You could see my juices running down your face. It was making me so wet. You tried to fight it and pretend like you don’t like it but I can see your cock getting hard. I know you love when I make you eat this pussy of mine. Be a good boy and make me cum again and maybe next time I will let you fuck me.

bondage whore

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