submissive phone sex
Please tell me your deepest darkest fantasy, and I will tell you mine. Believe me when I say I have to be bleeding to cum. The only way I get excited, and cum is if I have someone abusing me and making me their one and only whore. I have vivid dreams of getting strangled by a group of men. I am so tired of being a good girl. I want to go out and party and get my drink roofied and get fucked by total strangers. I love the thrill of not knowing who it is that’s taking advantage of me. One of the main reasons I went to a party college is because I knew I’d be exposed to that kind of environment. I love waking up from being blacked out drunk and seeing my clothes tossed all over. Usually, I end in the middle of nowhere. Other times I might still at the place of the party in a room secluded from others. I make my way out of the mess and know there’s cum between my legs. You can bet I have no clue who has had their way with me. It’s all a mystery, and that is the thrill I seek.

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    • Joseph on March 19, 2022 at 10:38 am
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    I’d love to drug your drink

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