Rope Bunny for master.

submissive whore

The rope pressed into my creamy bare thighs damp from my juices. I stood there as master expertly was binding me up. The silk rope weaved around my legs as he pushed me over to the bed. pulling the rope through he made a line. I was commanded to hold out my wrist and he tied me up nice and tight. I knew what was next and opened up my mouth as master push the gag ball in and praised me for being a good slut. He grabbed some more rope and bound my ankles and feet together so I couldn’t wiggle away, His hand smacked my ass nice and hard. A firm slapping is always his favorite. Once i was red enough and wet enough he pressed his cock head into my dripping wet cunt lips. teasing me by sliding it up and down and getting it nice and wet. once his cock head was dripping he pushed it against my asshole a pressed in firmly. He slid his cock into my tight little starfish over and over as my body shook from pleasure and pain. He filled my well-used asshole up with his cum and cut me free.

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