Daddy Was Stressed, So Where His Friends

It’s true, when daddy gets stressed, he needs his cum slut phone sex princess to abuse to his cock’s delight. He was really wound up and wanted to have his friends join so they could all really take their aggression out with the whole mess the world is in. To make it worse, daddy found out his little humiliation whore has dropped out of college. Well, it was more than that, I flunked out and was no good being a tease to pass. I didn’t like school. I liked being used and humiliated. Since all this is going on daddy has been around more, so have my brothers and my mom. It was really hard to hide what I have been doing. Daddy found out that I am talking on the phone for money and wasn’t happy with me. In fact he decided little Celeste needed a lesson. Daddy and a few friends came down to the basement where I was sneaking in the calls and decided to give me what I needed. They stripped me, tortured me by spanking my bottom, slapping my titties and spitting at me for being a cheap whore. Then they all slammed their cocks in my slut holes and stretched them while gagging me. I was a cum dumpster gangbang phone sex slut and daddy really gave it to me good. He let my brothers and my mom come down when they were done and humiliate me some more by making me their toilet.

Cum slut phone sex

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