I Love When He Beats Me

Submissive WhoreWhen he called and told me to meet him at his farm my pussy started getting wet as I envisioned all of the punishment, he was going to give me. But I know I cannot touch my pussy without his permission, so I rubbed it against the bed post until I brought myself to climax. I know that is against the rules, but I could not stop myself, I was so turned on. I showed up at the farm just as scheduled and changed into the outfit he had laid out for me and knelt by the door and waited. When he showed up, he lifted me and ran his fingers across my exposed nipples and pinched them hard. He put my hands behind my back and bound me. I love when he overpowers me and leaves me vulnerable. He shoved me to the floor and pulled out his dick, ramming it deep in my throat so hard that I was gagging. He held my head against his dick and filled my mouth with his warm cum. He then grabbed my hair and drug me to the bathroom. Bent me over the sink and whipped my ass with his belt as he stuck his finger deep inside my pussy. He could feel how wet I was but would not let me cum no matter how much I begged. He then slammed my head down inside the basin, turned on the water and fucked my ass as hard as he could as I gasp for air from the water running into my nose. He then grabbed the binds and pulled me the bed, bound my legs, and beat my pussy with his hands and belt until the pain felt so good that I was begging for the orgasm. As the blood flowed down my clit, he finally allowed me to release and I screamed and shook from the powerful orgasm.

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