Ropes excite me..

Submissive sex chat

Just watching him pull out the ropes makes me wet. Knowing they are going to be digging into my skin, rubbing me raw in some places.. But rubbing me so good in the right places. He knows I will do anything he tells me to. I can feel the blood rushing to my clit as he ties me in a harness at my hips. He told me to lay down and to stay upside down. He hoisted me up slowly and as the rope became tighter and tighter against my pussy.. I was already moan and getting ready to cum swinging back and forth upside down. I can feel myself wanting to flip right side up.. If I twist the wrong way I know I would rip my clit off. Then I felt a list Ice cold mist of crystals. There he stood with the hose in his hand, with his head cocked he turned the powerful hose on full blast right in my face.

Hardcore bondage

I tried to turn upright and felt my clit being pinched just a little bit! I couldn’t take it. I tried to swing back and forth out of the spray of those hose but I couldn’t get away. Finally the water stopped, I tried to catch my breath and he started throat fucking me until I puked on his cock. Then it was time again for the hose… My throat is raw from how many times he throat fucked me!

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