Schoolmarm Spankings

Bare bottom spankings


I decided it was time for me to go back to school and further my education and what it’s really done is resulted in an addiction to bare bottom spankings.  For me, being straight laced and studious is almost impossible because my much needed school learning has become secondary to having a black and blue ass under the tutelage of a skilled schoolmarm mistresses’ firm hand.

It seems that Ms. MK Gallagher runs a tight ship, almost as tight as my pussy!  I think the fact that I waited so long to go back to school really gets in her craw because she’s called me into her office every day to bend me over her knee and spank my cheeks until they go from cherry red to plum purple.  Ms. Gallagher beats my butt and tells me what a “dumb whore” I am and that I’ll always be a “stupid slut” no matter how much studying I do.  I don’t know, I think I used quotations properly in that last line and I’m pretty sure that makes me really smart.  She hates it when I smart mouth her like that.  Any back talking warrants more whipping and thrashing.  I fucking love it!

When she gets done, she’s always really excited and weird.  As I nurse my chastised cheeks and limp away she whips her hands up to her nose and smells them deep then starts licking and sucking on them like they’re covered in some sort of delicious mess.  My ass grease, I guess.

I really like going back to school but I hate having to go to class.  I have enough trouble staying in my seat on a normal basis, let alone when my backside is black and blue.  Oh well, bare bottom spankings beat pop quizzes any day! 


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