Settling Masters Debt

The Submissive Whore in me knows I must do what master asks for even if it means I’m getting gangbanged. Master liked playing poker but now he had some debt accumulated due to his poker hobby. He told he would be lending me off to the man he owes money to and that it would wipe hi debt clean.

Bukkake phone sex

I was picked up by a car and driven to a very nice big house I was given instructions to walk in and go straight to the back room. I did as I was instructed and when I saw what I was going to be dealing with it gave me chills down my body. I took my clothes of and like vultures they pounced me. One by one stick their throbbing cocks inside my holes ripping them and gapping them open. If I tried to scream, they stuck a cock down my throat. There was nothing I could do I had to pay for master’s debt or I knew it would be a worst punishment if I disappointed master. So I took every load, they even sprayed me bukkake style, i was drenched in cum. 

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