Sexy phone chat with Naomi

Sexy phone chat

I am always asked if Extreme fetish phone sex really turns me on. Oh honey I want you to know my pussy is dripping wet as you talk to me. I want to be degraded, it turns me on. I love being told to get on my knees like a fucking bitch. The way you call me names as you smack your cock in my face , makes me want to just take your cock down my throat. I want you to Facebook me with that big fat cock. Call me names I suck your dick. I am a dirty cock sucking whore who loves bondage and submission. I want to make you happy, I am your dirty little slave. I want you to be as mean and ruthless as you possibly can be. It turns me on to be degraded and to be treated like a worthless stupid fucking whore. Do what you want to me, I am your slave. 

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