Sexy Sub Threeway

Erotic submissive stories


My erotic submissive stories are all hot as hell and filled with fucking.  What kind of filth do you want to hear about?  Unwilling anal at a picnic in the park from a random passerby?  Intimate circle jerk with the Wing Shop wait staff in one of the stalls in the ladies room?  A taxi ride to the middle of nowhere with a handcuff and cunt loving cabbie?  I bet I have a tale to tell about any sexy topic you can think of, just try me!

One of my favorite masochistic memories is the time that I was hanging out with my girlfriend and the, then, current guy she was banging.  We all had some drinks and a few laughs, but when it came time for me to head home, my friend told me that her guy wanted to fuck the both of us together and she wasn’t going to let me go until it happened.  I liked the level of gentle assertiveness in her voice and the look of desire she had for me in her eyes, so I agreed almost instantly.

When we got back to the bedroom, the fella had the lights dimmed really low with candles lighting up the corners.  He was already naked, of course, so we wasted no time and both started sucking his cock super slow like.  We licked it up and down, gargled his nutsack and throated ourselves just for his pleasure.  He couldn’t contain his cum and absolutely had to let off some semen steam all over our faces before he would be able to continue on to please our two pussies.

He didn’t disappoint.  The man was dominant but caring, forceful but kind and knew exactly what he wanted from us.  In the end, they parted ways and I don’t think she’s ever seen him again.  At least we got to have a six hour sex romp that ended with smeared makeup, red asses and cum filled cunts.  I’m sure it was a night he’ll never forget, too.



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