Shocked And Made To Swallow

Slave training

I didn’t know what he had in store for me until he pulled out a big metal dildo. I was naked and he tied my hands behind my back. He brought some alligator wooden clamps and started clamping them on me. He put one on each nipple, some on my ass one on each side on my cunt lips. He told me to open my slut mouth and I didn’t as master asked. He shoved his cock in my mouth deep as he turned on the metal dildo, he put it against my nipples and that is when I felt the shock. I didn’t know before that it was an electronic shock dildo. He did the same thing running down my body and as he got closer to my cunt, he kept fucking my mouth hard, it only got me wetter and wetter. He then stuck that electric shock dildo deep inside my cunt and turned it all the way up. The shock ran up my body through my wet cunt. He loved watching me squirm as he fucked my mouth with his thick hard cock and my cunt with the dildo so much, he came all in my mouth and I couldn’t help but squirt from all the electric shock the dildo gave me.  

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