Sister wives

submissive sex

There is something about a man that knows what he likes and what he needs. I have been a complete slave pet with my sister wives. We are exposed to nonstop sadistic submissive sex. We are trained to walk behind our master and spread our cunts whenever he needs a piece of us. My sister wives are hot sluts ready to jump at his demands. We are competitive deep down inside. We know there is only one special place and that is our masters accomplice slave pet. I have been his slave pet for a little bit now and don’t plant on being demoted. There is nothing I won’t do to make sure I stay the star of the pack.I keep my holes ready and I am always willing. I have become the perfect fisting slut. I don’t mind abusing my holes for him. I will hurt other sluts for his attention always. My sister wives are well trained. I help run the pack and make them realize they are lucky to serve.

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