Slave Punishment

Submissive Whore


My Master punished me last night for cumming without his permission. He tied me up and put clamps on my pussy and nipples and pulled my breasts taught with the clamps. He took two candle and placed them on my stretched tits and lit them and allowed the hot wax to drip on my sensitive stretched tits. To further humiliate me he brought in another submissive and fucked her in front of me while I was forced to watch. He took a vibrator and put it on high and placed it on my clit so that I would have no choice but to cum while watching him fuck another woman. I watched as she got down on her knees and sucked his cock and got him nice and hard. I wanted to be the one sucking his cock, not her. I was humiliated and jealous, but my pussy was wet and dripping from the vibrator. He bent her over and slipped his cock into her pussy and fucked her right in front of me, no more than a foot away. Had my hands not been tied, I would have been able to reach out and touch them. Shamefully, I started to cum. No matter how much I tried to resist it, the pulsing from the vibrator made me cum over and over as I watched him fuck her pussy and smack her thighs and ass. I watched him make her squirt and then fill her pussy with his cum. The vibrator was still buzzing and bringing me to another orgasm when she spread her pussy lips and showed me her cunt dripping with his seed. She stuck a finger into her pussy and got it nice and coated with his cum and her juices and then took it and stuck it in my mouth. I came again as I tasted their cum on her finger.

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