Slave re training

bondage and submissionBack to the basics!

My pussy throbbed in anticipation. My tits, arms, and legs were bound tightly, and burning so sweetly. It had been so long since I had had a master, I went back into training! My son’s best friend was home for a few weeks, and happily agreed to cum over refresh my memory. He entered the room holding a massive black cock dildo. “You know the rule, Mrs B. You have to earn making one single sound. And don’t you fucking dare climax with out permission.”

I tried to control the throbbing and spasms already happening in my sticky, wet cunt. This wasn’t going to be easy!

He got between my legs, and ran the tip of the big, cold rubber toy up and down my slit and asshole. I bit my lip, not making a squeak. He began pressing and screwing it into my ass, stretching my tight, neglected asshole. A whimper rose in my throat, but I suppressed it. Once it was buried to the hilt, completely filling my ass, he started sliding his own massive, impressive cock into my pussy. I couldn’t do it, I came hard, and violently.

SLAP! A quirt across my tits, raising welts and dots of blood on my nipples.

“I told you, little whore, not to do that!”

What should my next punishment be?

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