Bad Girls get punished

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Waking up from a nightmare to a real life one is horrible. My hands were tied and my legs were spread apart and tied up tight. I started screaming as I heard foot steps coming to me. All I could see were hands coming into the light. His gold wedding ring shined bright in the light. He grabbed my nipples and yanked them up into the air. Pulling and twisting on my nipples making me scream and beg for mercy. I was sold to him, he can do what ever he wants to me when ever he wants to do it. He can make me scream, beg for mercy all while he is fucking my holes. He put two fingers in my mouth then shoving in a third. Filling my mouth up with his fingers making them wet. He traced his wet finger down my throat, down my tits down to my pussy. He spread me open and shoved all 3 of his fingers deep inside of my cunt. 

” I bought you, you will be mine for ever. Worthless whores have to be good girls and make their masters happy.”

I tried to scream as he was force fucking my pussy. He slapped my titties. 

“Worthless whores need to be punished when they are bad.”

I tried to run as he untied my feet. He bent my arms over my head as he flipped me over, string the rope around my neck so it would choke me as he forced his big hard cock inside of my wet tight pussy. Fucking me, making me his whore. I am his forever. 

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