Slave training consists of Corporal punishment tactics

Slave training I am his favorite Red-head Sexy bondage College-girl slut! Not only does Professor specialize in a specific academic subject but he also enslaves slutty school girls that might need some extra help with their grades. Professor enjoys seeing me with a stack of books in my hands dressed in my slutty uniform but he seems to think handcuffs and a natural rope; look good on a barely legal slut in a miniskirt and white button-up. During every tutoring session, I am bent over his desk with my skirt lifted being whacked with a ruler whenever I get an answer wrong.

He used to be a gym coach; could you imagine having to do pushups and relying on your entire classroom to answer math equations correctly in acoustics? If not the entire rep is started over! This guy was pretty serious about our tutoring sessions. Tutoring sessions felt like Slave training, a wooden ruler with a steel trim engraved on my ass from a series of whippings.

My once fair-skinned face was now beet red ready, to crack tears at any moment. He would intentionally cause me physical pain as his way of “Corporal punishing”. Pinching my nipples, slapping me across the face, and paddling me with a ruler took place as his swift way to end my remiss behavior. Professor enjoys this more than he should; his heavy cock sits in the palm of his hand as he strokes watching me struggle and whimper. His Extreme bondage method has helped me improve my grades!

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