Slave Training Glory Holes

Slave Training

Master has taken me lots of places for my slave training. One time, I burnt Master’s food. It was an honest mistake, but I know better. Making a mistake means I have to be punished, that I’m a failure otherwise. I brought the charred ribeye to my master, my knees shaking as I closed my eyes. Waiting for my punishment, I heard a deep growl from his throat. His hand slapped me across the face, and I fell onto my bruised legs, pressed against the cold hardwood floor.

“Worthless Bitch,” He spat at me, “Maybe someone will find a fucking use for you.” I felt his hand grab me by the hair and throw me into the dark, windowless closet. I don’t know how long I stayed there, maybe a few hours, maybe a day. It was until a blade poked my side and I moved away from the door that I saw any light. My master carved a hole into the door. I assumed that maybe he might give me some water or food through it, but as I moved my face closer to look out, a large black cock shoved its way through, rubbing against my cheek. 

“Make my friends happy slut, and maybe I’ll let you out.” I heard my master demand, so like the good cumslut I was, I opened my mouth, and wrapped my lips around the huge dick. I pushed my head down, forcing myself not to gag on the enormous girth. I heard several voices outside the door, talking about how they couldn’t wait to use me. It felt like forever that I sucked that cock before he came all over my face, covering one of my eyes. As I went to wipe it off, another man entered the hole. He banged on the door, “I want to feel your stretched whore pussy”. I obeyed, as I always do, and backed my quim up against him, thrusting my hips back. He stretched me, and couldn’t help but scream as I thought about all those men outside, waiting to fill my pussy up with their seed.

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