Slave training starts from the beginning.

     Slave training starts from the beginning. Now everyone knows that you must learn to walk before you can run and when it comes to making me your slave. Need to start at the beginning. The first thing you do is make sure I am your slut whore. Next you see how far you can push me. It must be remembered that you start small and keep increasing.

     Before you know it, I am chained to the wall getting a spanking for not listening to a command. Another key point is that I need to know that you are my master, and I am your Submissive Whore. If I disobey, I will be punished. Now, since I am in training the bondage is softer and lighter.

     With this in mind, there will come a time when I have the whips, chains, shackles holding me down. As has been noted I like the pain and this slut is a very naughty slut. Always being punished for some slight other. Increasing from a spanking to the whips. Turning me into the dutiful slave that you are looking for.

     Until I am finally exactly as you have wanted. I come at your bidding. I don’t cum until you give me permission too. Your slut whore has turned into all that you want me to be.

Slave training

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