Slave training with Jessica

slave training

I was going through old pictures today and found some from when I first became a submissive. Long before my son first took ownership of me, I belonged to my Daddy. I love talking about my slave training days on my calls. I get so turned on talking about how he would do certain things like holding me down and force fucking my mouth or punishing me when I didn’t obey his commands. My cunt gets soaking wet when I think of how it felt to look up at him and catch his piss in my mouth as a punishment for not responding to him quickly enough. He would be looking down at me laughing and telling me what a worthless fuck hole I am while he showered my face with his hot stream. I got hooked on the degradation and humiliation and would purposely disobey him so that he would punish me. Daddy isn’t around anymore but I still long to be used like a dirty, cum rag slut…


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