Slave training with Naomi

Slave training

I am such a dirty fucking whore daddy. I love fucking. Did you know your dirty sex slave loves to be fucked. I love it when you force your cock inside of my mouth. I love choking and gagging on your big grown man cock daddy. It makes my dirty used pussy wet. I love it when you spank my cunt daddy! Whipping me and spanking me, making me scream. I love to scream for you daddy. I want to be fucked hard by you in all of my holes daddy. I want you to fill me up daddy, I know you want to shove your fingers inside of me. Finger fuck me hard daddy. Shove all of your fingers inside of me. Fist my worthless used pussy. Fuck me with your entire fist daddy. Make my holes so fucking worthless that no man would ever want my pussy again. I am begging you to make me your permanent sex slave!


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