Ass Reaming

Submissive Slut

I love getting a good ass reaming from my master. Tonight he had a couple extra helping hands. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t disobey sometimes just to get punished. And tonight was one of them nights. I was ordered to suck his guest of honors cock and to be honest it was a sorry excuse for a dick and I refused to put it in my mouth. I knew full well what the consequence was going to be and to me that was much more pleasurable than sucking his pathetic little weenie. Don’t confuse me with that non-compliant bitch…more often than not I fully submit to my master. Just tonight was not the night. I was forcefully grabbed and restrained to some twine rope. I knew what was coming next when I was tied with my legs spread eagle. Master was going to stuff my asshole with anything or anyone of his desire and you know what this was just perfect for me. It is exactly what I wanted, I could not wait for him to rip through my tight little soft ass tissue with a nice firm rod or toy. And he did exactly that. He picks out the extra large hand made bullet plug made custom for my back door and began to shove it forcefully and steadily into my shit hole. His pathetic little friend was given orders to tantalize my clit and I will say he was at least good for that. Between his finger and teeth and Masters artful thrusts I came like an orgasmic fountain all over their hands and faces. Sometimes it pays to not listen.

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