Slave Training You are Never too Old to Need

slave trainingYou would think at my age, slave training never needs to occur anymore. But my master thought differently. He thinks I have become complacent with him, even a bit unruly. Although I never fought my master, he thinks his age made me a complacent slave. So, he hired a 30-year-old man to break me in.  This man had strength and endurance. I would have loved to know my master when he was in his 20s, but I was not born yet, LOL. I am the Anna Nicole of slaves, LOL.

Train Me Master

Trevor relished in breaking me in for master too. His cock when fully erect measures over 13 inches. That makes him twice the man as my master. But cock size never been an issue for a submissive whore. I changed my mind after a week of fucking Trevor. I prefer smaller cocks. Of course, I want to feel it inside me, but I do not need a cock so big I cannot walk the next day.

My master refers to Trevor’s cock as the punisher. That seems accurate too because all my fuck holes hurt after a week of hardcore fucking. Trevor does his job well. After one night of rough sex, I begged for mercy. Even though I wanted his big cock, I did not want it all day long in all three of my fuck holes. Trevor broke me in quickly. After a few rough sex sessions that included a brutal ass fucking and many spankings, I pledged allegiance to my Master’s cock again. I did not admit that master’s old dick might seem like a letdown after meeting Trevor’s cock.

But I love my master. I am loyal to him and him to me. If he thought I needed punishment, I took my punishment like a champ. I am here to serve, sir. Like I serve my master. And I served Trevor, this submissive slut can serve you too.

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