Snatched, Used, And Painfully Abused

BDSM Phone Sex

I cannot begin to even tell you how long I’ve been serving my Master as His personal sex slave. He snatched me up just after work what I would imagine a several weeks ago, and has been using and abusing my snatch ever since. I used to think about escaping, about trying to run. But now I think my body is addicted to the pain that He inflicts on me.
Every kiss of the whip makes me drip. Every single slice in my thigh leaves my pussy leaking more and more! It’s even going as far as I’ve cum while He was forcing himself into me. I never thought I would stoop down and be this disgusting little pain loving whore, but what am I supposed to do? I’m trying to make the best out of a bad situation, and He fucks me so sweet and so good I wonder if I even need help.
Maybe Master is doing me a favor. Maybe He’s showing me what my body is meant to be used for, which is as His own personal pocket pussy and form of entertainment. I’ve come to love sucking Master’s cock every morning, noon, and night. I make sure I drain His hot fucking balls of that thick sticky cum.
I make sure He stays happy, and He makes sure that I eat. Maybe I’ll just stay here forever, serving Him. Maybe this is what my whorish little body was made for; to be the personal fuck slut of a great man.

Submissive Slut

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