Sodomy at Sunset

Erotic submissive stories


My favorite setting for erotic submissive stories is definitely a lovely, outdoor, golden hour scene.  One of my favorite dommes always does it up right and has me over to his place for some sexy sodomy at sundown.  He loves aesthetically pleasing ass plowing as much as, if not more than, I do and is thrilled that I like the backdoor pumping ambience of his amazing backyard at sunset.  It really is a sight to behold, even when he’s not buried balls deep in my butt.

I’m not a plant person, I don’t know what from what, but there’s every color of flower in his yard that you could imagine.  They look so beautiful in the late evening and smell so sweet, it provides perfect cover from any musky funk that come from a hardcore round of ass pounding.  Not gonna lie, it can get dirty sometimes.  If you’re afraid of getting a little shit on your dick then do yourself, and every woman you’re ever with, a favor and just keep it out of asses.  My dapper domme doesn’t give a fuck, he’ll drill my dumper as the sun goes down every night, if I let him.  Even if he stuffs me full of food and booze first!

I love feeling like I’m making the prettiest porn scene ever when I’m taking it up the ass.  Riding a rock hard rod into the sunset is like getting sodomized in a dream or a really cool cowboy movie where the girl lives at the end.  My hard craphole fucking domme knows how much I enjoy the time I spend with him and keeps inviting me back because of how much I genuinely appreciate all of the beauty and wonder he has to share with me.  That, and my sphincter stays really tight no matter what, but we won’t talk about that, right now.   


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