Sold to the highest Bidder

Prostate phone sexI found myself alone in a hotel room, the man who had purchased me for the night wasn’t what I’d call a looker. He seemed old enough to be my dad and was soft around the middle. A far cry from the lean and muscled men I tended to fuck. However, when he came up to me, took a fist full of my hair, and growled into my ear. “Tonight you are my fucking slut and you will obey me.” I nearly came in my panties, I could barely manage to whimper out a weak “Yes sir.” before he let go, sitting in an arm chair in a way that only could make me think regal. His cock pressing against his pants and he rubbed it leisurely as he told me “Strip.” I felt as if I was on edge with want and need as I unzipped my dress and wiggled out. Letting it slide to the ground and my pussy was soaked at that pleased growl. “Good slut.” He pulled his cock out of his pants and I felt my mouth salivate. Wanting to feel that cock running over my tongue. I crawled to my Master for the night and started with his balls. Sucking each of the hairy orbs into my mouth. Suckling and running my tongue over the heavy sacks with a purr that made him groan. He pushed himself down on the chair, letting me pull of his pants before he spread his legs wider for me. I spit on my hand and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. Moving my hand up and down as I moved my head lower, licking and sucking along his taint and moving my lips between his ass cheeks. Licking my Master’s ass and pushing my tongue into him as my hand jerks his cock off in a fast up and down motion. I knew just how to fuck him with my tongue. Lapping at his love button and making sure to tease it as best as I could before I felt his sphincter squeeze my tongue. His cock throbbing in my hand and his hot cum shoot up and land all over my hair and on my hand. His cock softened in my hand and he pulled my face away from his ass letting me look up at him still messy with his cum. He gestured to the bed where I could see the 4 point harness system and it was in no time I found myself face up, spread eagle, and with Master’s fingers in my pussy. His tongue over my clit, and my own orgasm just on the edge. I just had to be a good girl and wait until I’m told to let go.

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