Sounding with my Master

extreme fetish phone sex

Even though I am a submissive whore that don’t always mean I am on the receiving end. Master has been talking about sounding his cock hole ever since I can remember. He finally put some action behind those words. Well….he made me put some action behind them words. He bought a set of steel sounding rods and asked me if I knew what they were. At first it had not triggered but then I saw the stamp on the side of one. He instructed me to pull his pants down and then tie up his wrists securely to the chair and then his ankles. It felt so odd being on the opposite end but it was very empowering even though I was still in a way submitting to his demands. This had my pussy just drenched. His cock was standing tall and hard as a rock. Being the tough guy that Master is he did not want to start with the small gauge he went right for one of the larger gauged rods. Telling me to slowly insert it into his cock hole aster I poured a numbing lube all around his throbbing head. He tilted his head back as I inserted the tip of this rod and began to let out a long slow moan. More he demanded and I kept sliding it in until it was as far as it could go. Only leaving out about an inch of the rod. Now stroke my cock nice and hard…jerk me fast he yelled at me. And I did…the rod started to slip out some so I pushed it back down while jacking his big cock. I could see precum starting to ooze out of his dick hole. He was breathing very heavily and out it came. That rod shot up out of his cock hole behind the force of his load.I hope this is something he thoroughly enjoyed because I would love to explore deeper into this fetish with him.

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