Fuck My Daughter and Me

rape phone sex fantasies (16)

He told me he was reading my blogs about fucking my daughter and me…and boom I was wet. I wanted to talk about it, oh I wanted to HELP him even! We both were going to be his whores and we were going to let him do whatever he wanted to do to us. He wanted to tie us up, make us helpless and just seeing the ropes in his hand had my pussy dripping! I helped him tie up my daughter first, she was hogtied with all her little fuckholes exposed and ready for his cock. Then it was my turn and as I laid down beside my daughter I could see the fear and excitement in her eyes… I just knew that she was going to enjoy this as much as I was! Ooh the things he did to us were brutal but oh so fun, each blow got me wetter until I was begging him to allow me to cum! He made us wait forever, we couldn’t cum until he did and he was making it last forever!

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