Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking.

Spanking chat     Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking. I like having my ass paddled, whether it is bare assed, clothed, hand, whip, willow switch, among other items, just to chat about it gets my pussy throbbing right along with my ass. It tingles with expectations. Just knowing that you are going to tie me up and give me a spanking has me thrilled to obey you.

     Use the paddle, tie me up. Give your fucking slut everything that she deserves to have. A good had spanking followed by an even harder fucking. Need the cock. Like the cock. Love the cock. Cock sucking fucking slut that will obey they master. Be your slave. Pain is pleasure and this fucking Submissive slut is going to beg you to give it to her.

     Hardcore is just the way I like it. Give it to me. Now! Demanding submissive sometimes. Just means that I need to be punished. Come and punish me. Bind me to the wall. Hang up upside to give me the spanking. Given these points you can be sure that I will be ready, willing, and begging for more.

     In summary, give the spanking, lets chat, bind me and make me yours.  

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