Stretching My Youngest!

Submissive Sex

Master loves training my daughters right in front of me and I think I’m starting to get addicted to seeing my girls used by him! It was my idea to offer my girls tight young cunnies up to Master for their official training. I debated the decision for months because my motherly instincts told me to protect my little angels but my need to submit to my Master’s cock overwhelmed me. He already has my oldest daughter wrapped around his finger, he’s got her addicted to cumming on his cock. Now I know his attentions are reserved for my youngest daughter, her bald wet pussy hasn’t even been fucked yet. Master told me to prepare her for him by stretching her cunt to take my largest dildo– All 12 inches. I felt bad for making it hurt but Master says it’s my duty to fuck her open for him, by the time I was stretching her wide enough to take all those inches, she was screaming into my cunt while I sat on her face!

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