Strip club

Submissive Whore

Master took me on a little outing to the strip club last weekend. It was a fetish strip club where most of the dancers were wearing collars and leather and some were being whipped by Domme strippers while the men watched. He put me in a micro mini skirt, a choker,  and a mesh crop top with black X shaped pasties over my nipples. On my back he had written, “Touch Me” and “Grab me” in black marker. I was barely dressed any differently than the strippers. Men tried shoving dollar bills into my skirt or waving cash at me and begging for a special “dance” in the champagne room. They grabbed my tits and smacked and fondled my ass. Master beckoned over a stripper and paid her to give him a lap dance. I watched at first and then he told me to join her. We danced for him and got his cock nice and hard. He passed her a leather flogger and instructed her to spank my ass with it. She gave me five hard smacks across my ass, leaving big red imprints. He gave her a wad of cash and she led us both into a private room. He took off his pants and she and I got on our knees and began to suck his cock. While I sucked him off she spanked my ass harder and harder. I moaned around his cock with every blow she delivered. Right as I was reaching my pain limit, he blew his load into my mouth.

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