Bondage whore

My dad and brothers were getting real tired of me being a whore and letting other men use my fuck holes without their permission. My pussy, ass, and mouth belong to them. Other men can only use my holes if they allow it, but I had been a bad little whore and fucked lots of guys without their knowledge. They decided they needed to teach me a lesson and also make sure anyone who fucks me in the future knows just who I really belong to. They tied me up and pretended like they were going to flog and spank me. My pussy was even getting a little wet at the sight of the toys they were going to use on me, but it was call a trap. Once they had me tied down and unable to fight back, they brought out a tattoo gun and put their mark on me. Right about my pussy on my delicate mons, they tattooed “Property of the Smith Sons.” Now no other man would be able to fuck me without know I was a taken woman, and then they would know exactly whose whore they were defiling. I’m theirs forever now, in ink and blood.

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