Stuck on Good Friday

bondage whore

Being raised in an ultra religious household, I was taught all kinds of superstitions. One superstition is that is you have sex on Good Friday, you will get stuck to your partner for no less than 24 hours. For the longest time I wouldn’t test the theory. I knew it was just superstition but still, why chance it right?

Last year on Good Friday, my master and I engaged in some bondage and submission sex play. My cuffs were placed on a pulley and my arms were stretched high above my head. My breasts were bound with rope and nipple clamps were in place. My legs were spread by the bar and feet tied open by rope to the wooden platform. My master had a very good time using my body throughout our session. My pussy was dripping from the erotic position as well as the spanking of my ass and the pulling of the harsh nipple clamps.

I was all set to be fucked good and hard. Master attempted to remove the cuffs from the pulley and found the lock had jammed. He tried both sets of keys and neither was working. He tried everything including attempting to cut the cuffs with a hand saw. Nothing was working to remove those cuffs. I ended up having to wait on a locksmith to come out to relieve me. I guess he was into bondage as well because he certainly had an erection tenting his pants. My master even allowed him to have a little fun with me.

While I wasn’t stuck to my partner, I certainly was stuck in an awkward position. Maybe there is something to those superstitions after all!

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