Submissive sex

submissive sex

I have been such a bad whore lately and my master is just so upset about my behavior and my disobedience towards him. I haven’t followed any of his rules or done anything he has told me to do I have been really disobedient. He sat me down in his office and told me in the nastiest voice I have ever heard that he was going to make me pay for my inappropriate behavior. I gave him a look like what ever but deep down I was shitting bricks. He grabbed me by the hair and made me take off all my clothes. When I was completely nude standing in his office he bent me over on his desk and took of his belt. He began striking me ass whipping me as hard as he could leaving red marks all over my ass. Telling me what a piece of shit I was and how I was going to pay. I didn’t cry which angered him even more, he decided to use the buckle this time, and after the first whip I screamed out loud letting every one out side of the office know  including my boss know I was in pain my boss smiled and told me to shut up. He began striking me harder and faster leaving my ass blistered from the belt once he was done he tied the belt around my mouth as he began beating me with his fists. Leaving my face bloody and swollen and blue from his hands. I begged him for forgiveness and he replied not until I learn my lesson. I cried silently as he beat me senseless leaving my body badly bruised and blue all over. He tied my hands together and invited all the people from out side the office to come in and watch what a pathetic whore I was and how he was doing to humiliate me in front of every one for disobeying him. He pulled down his pants and began fucking me hard in front of every one making me scream I pain as his huge ten inch cock pounded my insides. He pulled the belt back like a dog on a leash making my head pull up as he fucked my cunt deep and hard and fast until he came all inside of me. Every one clapped and chanted for him to teach me a lesson since I indeed have been really bad. Once he was done to test my obedience to him he had me open my mouth and began to piss in my face and my mouth as he instructed me to drink it all. I obeyed pleasing my master , learning that it was best for me to listen to my master since it hurt physically to disobey.

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